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    Merk Produk : THERMO-Q
    Spesifikasi Produk : 30 ~ 610 KW
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    Lokasi DKI Jakarta Jakarta Timur
    Tgl Publikasi: 2012-08-06
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    Informasi Produk

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      Cooling Capacity from 30 ~ 610 KW

     High cooling capacity , low power consumption
     Intelligent electronics protection for motor compressor
     High efficiency condenser
     High efficiency dry expansion evaporator
     Wide range Temperature Operation from 40 O C to + 20 O C
     thermo Q presents the complete line of Water cooled packaged type reciprocating Water Chiller . ranging from 8 to 175 Ton Capacity.
     Economical , easy installation and operation in a complete packaged design. Ideal for modern cooling applications in hi rise building , commercial and office building , shopping mall , hotel , hospital , and industrial plant . All units are compact , completely factory assembled , shape and modular system to be installed as outdoor and weather proof . its can reach on site easy to handling on transportation .
     The unit is pressure tested , evacuated and fully charge with Refrigerant and includes an initial oil charge .
     Optional features : 
     Ozone friendly refrigerant use
     Copper Nikle tube for marine type
     Heat recovery from refrigerant hot gas to reduce hot water
     Brine chiller type with brine temperature from 2 O C to - 40 O C
     Refrigerant Hot Gas Heat Recovery ( Optional ) 
     Refrigerant Waste Heat Recovery : 
     The Heat Recovery Unit captures waste heat discharged from the refrigerant cycle in an Water Chiller or Air Conditioning system, and transfers that heat into a Hot water tank, thereby creating low cost hot water for Hotel , Laundry , Feed water Boiler or Industrial use.
     Not only does the Heat Recovery Unit substantially reduce the amount of energy required to provide domestic hot water, but it also improves the cooling efficiency of the Chiller or Air Conditioner it is operating.
     Heat recovery from refrigerant hot gas to water .
     Max. temperature of water can be reach = 70 O C 
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